Eternal (black vinyl)

Item No.: WKM006
Label : Wickerman Recordings
Release : 3-10-2016

Limited edition of 250 copies on 180gr. black vinyl, presented with a full colour insert

Eternal is the sixth album of the Dutch black / shoegaze trio An Autumn for Crippled Children. On this album they show themselves to feel more comfortable in the niche they have created within the contemporary black metal scene. For fans of Alcest and Deafheaven an absolute must for your collection!


1. Eternal Youth
2. I Will Never Let You Die 
3. On Fire
4. Farewell 
5. This Small Space You Occupied is so Empty Now
6. You Have Been in The Shadows for so Long 
7. Days of Sleep
8. Swallowed by Night’s Despair 
9. Cloud Mood
10. Matters of the Heart
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