The Long Goodbye (white vinyl)

Item No.: 103941
Label : Prosthetic
Release : 30-8-2019

Limited edition on white vinyl (250 copies worldwide)

Dutch post rock/shoegaze/black metal trio have An Autumn for Crippled Children announce select titles of their expansive and ever-evolving discography as part of Prosthetic Records LP series. The Long Goodbye, Try Not To Destroy Everything You Love, Only The Ocean Knows, Lost and the collection, Withered Dreams: Singles 2013 –2017. Available on vinyl for the first time. 


1. The Long Goodbye
2. Converging Towards the Light 
3. A New Form of Stillness
4. Only Skin
5. When Night Leaves Again
6. She's Drawing Mountains
7. Endless Skies
8. Gleam
9. The Sleep of Rust
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