The Diabolic Serenades (transparent red vinyl)

Item No.: SSR143LPR
Label : Soulseller Records
Release : 14-8-2020 (pre-order)

Limited "transparent red" vinyl edition. The first Ancient Rites album from 1994 is finally re-issued. Presented in a gatefold sleeve and including previously unseen pictures and exclusive liner notes by founding member Gunther Theys.


(Intro) Infant Sacrifices to Baalberith
Crucifixion Justified (Roman Supremacy)
Satanic Rejoice
Obscurity Reigns (Fields of Flanders)
Death Messiah
Land of Frost & Despair
Assyrian Empire
Longing for the Ancient Kingdom
Morbid Glory (Gilles de Rais 1404-1440)
Ritual Slayings (Goat Worship Pure)
Evil Prevails
Echoes of Melancholy (Outro)
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