Planetary Clairvoyance (purple/aqua blue galaxy vinyl)

Item No.: SPIN114
Label : 20 Buck Spin
Release : 19-7-2019

Limited edition of 500 copies on "purple/aqua blue galaxy" vinyl

The Canadian Death Metallers belong to the very fast songwriters and present their second album one year after their debut album completely unexpectedly. With this they have once again made a good leap forward, which is probably also due to the fact that the duo has become a quartet

The first thing you notice is that the sound is more transparent and sorted, but still authentic and raw. Compositionally, too, one could develop further, and there are all kinds of unexpected twists, catchy grooves, garnished with ultra-deep growls, cool melodies and wacky breaks.

This is music from another planet that sounds even more wacky, darker, malicious and mystical than before. A gourmet snack for fans of Demilich, Timeghoul, Chthe'ilist, Blood Incantation but also Adramelech. That's how technical Death Metal must sound in 2019!
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