Icon 2LP (yellow & black marbled vinyl)

Item No.: MOVLP2586
Label : Music on Vinyl
Release : 28-2-2020

Limited edition of 2500 individually numbered copies on double 180gr. Audiophile yellow & black marbled vinyl

Paradise Lost
's fourth studio album Icon marked a departure from the death-doom sound of their early work. This career-defining record combines all of their strengths, both in skill and ability to captivate. The production sounds fresh and very stable all over the album, with the instrumentation and vocals changing from track to track. Icon has been highly influential to numerous bands, Opeth and Katatonia to name a few.On this masterpiece, they showed that they created Gothic metal in its most brilliant moment.

The gothic metal band Paradise Lost are considered to be the pioneers of the death-doom genre, and as a big influencer for the gothic metal. They're active for over thirty years, in a stable line-up where only the drummers changed during the years.

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