Don't Break the Oath (golden yellow marbled vinyl)

Item No.: MB18383
Label : Metal Blade
Release : 5-6-2020

Limited edition of 1.000 copies worldwide on 180gr. "golden yellow marbled" vinyl, including an insert and a download card.

King Diamond
comments: "These are not remasters. These are the albums as they were originally done in the old days from the original production masters. They retain all the original dynamics that were captured at the time. It's very exciting to present these to fans as they were originally released."


Side A
01. A Dangerous Meeting
02. Nightmare
03. Desecration of Souls
04. Night of the Unborn

Side B
05. The Oath
06. Gypsy
07. Welcome Princess of Hell
08. To One Far Away
09. Come to the Sabbath
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