Distant Satellites 2LP (black vinyl)

Item No.: KSCOPE866
Label : KScope
Release : 6-6-2014

Distant Satellites is the highly anticipated follow up to 2012's studio release Weather Systems and Universal, the stunning concert film directed by Lasse Hoile. Recorded in Oslo with producer Christer-Andre Cederberg, the album features additional mixing by Steven Wilson. The appropriately ethereal artwork was created by Korean 'new media' artist Sang Jun Yoo and based around his successful Distant Light Installation in New York. Including the three part The Lost Song and a self-titled piece, Distant Satellites is the confident sound of a band that has arrived at its intended destination.


Side A:
1. The Lost Song part 1 (05:54)
2. The Lost Song part 2 (05:45)
Side B:
1. Dusk (dark is descending)) (06:00)
2. Ariel (06:29)
Side C:
1. The Lost Song part 3 (05:22)
2. Anathema (06:41)
3. You're Not Alone (03:27)
Side D:
1. Firelight (02:43)
2. Distant Satellites (08:18)
3. Take Shelter (06:07)

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