Timeless Wavelength 2LP

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Label : Invisible Hands Music
Release : 2016

Timeless Wavelength is a high quality vinyl-only 1980 double live set from one of the biggest rock groups in history, recorded live at Kiel Auditorium, St Louis, Missouri, USA, February 12, 1980

Rush are Canada’s biggest rock export, with millions of sales of their nineteen studio albums recorded between 1974 and the present day.
Formed in Toronto at the end of the 1960s, it was their second album Fly By Night which saw drummer Neil Peart join forces with singer / bass player Geddy Lee and guitar gunslinger Alex Lifeson on the path to rockstardom. Which came in 1976 with their fourth album 2112, the sci fi concept piece that fills side one being performed on Timeless Wavelenth in its entirety.
Rush hit the charts with 1980 smash The Spirit Of Radio from the album Permanent Waves (that year’s tour is when Timeless Wavelength was recorded).
The following year saw the biggest album of their career, Moving Pictures (including the hit Tom Sawyer).
Since then they have sustained their position as one of rock’s biggest bands, with millions of tickets, records and t-shirts sold -- even the kids in South Park (led by superfan Cartman) are in a Rush tribute band.


Side A 
1. 2112
2. By-Tor And The Snow Dog

Side B
3. Xanadu
4. The Spirit Of Radio

Side C
5. Natural Science
6. Beneath Between and Behind
7. Working Man
8. Finding My Way / Anthem
9. Bastille Day

Side D
10. In The Mood / drum solo
11. La Villa Strangiato
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