Walk the Sky 2LP - Limited Edition (red vinyl)

Item No.: 9374230
Label : Napalm
Release : 18-10-2019

Alter Bridge have been known for over 15 years to blur the line between hard rock and heavy metal. Now the band returns with their sixth studio album "Walk The Sky" and builds on their sound, which is celebrated by critics and fans worldwide. The fourteen-song opus marks a creative highlight for the quartet, consisting of Myles Kennedy on vocals/guitars, Mark Tremonti on guitars/vocals, Brian Marshall on bass and Scott Phillips on drums.

"Walk The Sky" is like a career retrospective: the band takes elements from each of their previous releases to create something new. Alter Bridge relied on a new approach during the development process. Since their second album "Blackbird" (2007) Kennedy and Tremonti, together with producer Michael "Elvis" Baskette, have combined individual ideas and riffs to create some of the band's most groundbreaking tracks. "Walk The Sky", on the other hand, was created from complete song ideas by Kennedy and Tremonti, which the entire band then continued to work on - a method that now decisively influences the listening experience.

From the opener "One Life" to the moving finale "Dying Light", Alter Bridge have created an impressive addition to their music catalogue. Songs like "Godspeed", "Native Son" and "Walking On The Sky" will surely soon strengthen the live set. In the first single "Wouldn't You Rather" Alter Bridge express their quintessence. Falling Forever", like the "Fortress" classic "Waters Rising", features Tremonti as lead voice and Kennedy as chorus.

This version has an etching on the D-side and comes with a free download code
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