Endless Forms Most Beautiful 2LP (black vinyl)

Item No.: NB238272
Label : Nuclear Blast
Release : 25-3-2015

High quality double black vinyl in a stunning gatefold cover!

In 2012, the fan base of Nightwish was turned upside down when singer Anette Olzon left the band. Although Olzon was anything but universally loved by the fans, she had been part of the band since 2007. However, the euphoria was great when the Dutch metal singer Floor Jansen replaced her. After a smashing live DVD (Showtime, Storytime) in 2014, the anticipation for the band's new album grew.

Nightwish has not disappointed its fans. Endless Forms Most Beautiful offers something to all Nightwish fans. The album is heavy and has a number of hard songs (Shudder Before the Beautiful, Weak Fantasy and Yours is an Emtpy Hope). However, there are also quieter songs that are more reminiscent of the Olzon era in terms of style. The great asset of the album is Troy Donockley, who adds an extra dimension to the music with his flutes and pipes. Also the fact that drummer Jukka Nevalainen plays this album because of his health and has been temporarily replaced by Kai Hahto is hardly noticeable. The entire band sounds tight, modern, heavy and symphonic, with here and there a mighty orchestral part and opera voice sounds from Floor Jansen himself.

Finally there is the huge closing track 'The Greatest Show on Earth', in which Nightwish has incorporated a lot. A true masterpiece!

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