Best of Pixies - Wave of Mutilation 2LP (orange vinyl)

Item No.: 4899555
Label : 4AD
Release : 10-12-2010

The best of Pixies presented in a gatefold sleeve and on very limited double orange vinyl


A1 Bone Machine  
A2 Nimrod's Son  
A3 The Holiday Song  
A4 Caribou  
A5 Broken Face  
A6 Gigantic  
B1 Vamos  
B2 Hey  
B3 Monkey Gone To Heaven  
B4 Debaser  
B5 Gouge Away  
B6 Wave Of Mutilation  
C1 Here Comes Your Man  
C2 Tame  
C3 Where Is My Mind?  
C4 Into The White  
C5 Velouria  
D1 Allison  
D2 Dig For Fire  
D3 U-Mass  
D4 Alec Eiffel  
D5 Planet Of Sound  
D6 Winterlong
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