Doolittle 3LP - 25th anniversary edition (black vinyl)

Item No.: 6295571
Label : 4AD
Release : 12-12-2014

On the occasion of the 25th anniversary, 4AD gives us a very special gift with the re-release of the legendary Pixies classic "Doolittle", specially designed for the many fans of this cult band. This very luxurious package "Doolittle 25" contains the regular, originally second studio album from 1989, two complete "Peel Sessions" from October 18, 1988 and May 2, 1989, six B-side songs from the two English top 10 hits "Monkey Gone To Heaven "and" Here Comes Your Man ", all 15" Doolittle "demo tracks and seven bonus demo tracks. In short, this very special edition cannot be missing from your record collection!
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