And Justice for All Limited Edition DeLuxe box set

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Label : Universal
Release : 1-11-2018

…And Justice For All box set by Paul Sinclairtags: 1980s, Metallica 11 CDs, four DVDs, six vinyl records, 120-page hardcover book Metallica continue their impressive reissue campaign with another enormous super deluxe edition box set, this time for their 1988 album …And Justice For All. The limited and numbered box set of the band’s fourth studio album includes the audio remastered and on double vinyl LP and CD with a further ten CDs of audio, including two discs of ‘Riffs, Jams and Demos’, a CD of Rough Mixes and six discs of live material, largely all unreleased. Amongst all this are B-sides and radio edits from the era. In terms of vinyl, as well as the 2LP album remaster, the box includes Live Seattle ’89 as a triple LP (newly mixed by Greg Fidelman) and a vinyl picture disc of the third single, ‘One’. On top of this, you get four DVDs featuring live performance, ‘raw’ live footage, archive camcorder material and more.

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