Slime and Punishment (black vinyl)

Item No.: NB260831
Label : Nuclear Blast
Release : 23-6-2017

US crossover / thrash outfit Municipal Waste brings a crushing sound that will implode both your soul and skull with 2017 album Slime and Punishment. High quality black vinyl presented in a great gatefold sleeve!


A1 Breathe Grease
A2 Enjoy The Night
A3 Dingy Situations
A4 Shrednecks
A5 Poison The Preacher
A6 Bourbon Discipline
A7 Parole Violators
B1 Slime And Punishment
B2 Amateur Sketch
B3 Excessive Celebration
B4 Low Tolerance
B5 Under The Waste Command
B6 Death Proof
B7 Think Fast
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