Agent Orange 2LP (black vinyl)

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Label : SPV
Release : 26-2-2010

The legendary thrash album by German band Sodom on double black vinyl and with bonus tracks!

The first foothills of the German formation date back to 1980. The early demo tapes, the first EP released by Steamhammer, In The Sign Of Evil, the ´86er debut album Obsessed By Cruelty: Sodom taught the world to fear right from the start. Two years and an album later the band already toured Europe with greats like Whiplash and recorded the live album Mortal Way Of Life in the Düsseldorf ´Tor 3`. With Agent Orange, the Gelsenkirchen-based company subsequently achieved a milestone in the genre. Sodom toured all over the world, travelled all over Europe several times and also stationed successfully in Japan and South America. Works such as Better Off Dead (1990) or Tapping The Vein (1992) manifested the success of the band, which, thanks to Tom Angelripper, always maintained its characteristic basic sound despite some personnel changes. Even in the nineties, Sodom never lost its authenticity with works such as Masquerade In Blood or ´Til Death Do Us Unite, preserving its down-to-earth character and an eye for its own origins. With the 99er exhibit Code Red, whose title refers to the infamous punishment code of the Marines, the trio Angelripper / Bernemann / Schottkowski showed their political commitment as ever. This tradition was continued in 2001 with a trip to the Far East, i.e. two concerts in Bangkok and Saigon as well as the explosive theme of their album M 16. Afterwards Angelripper jumped into the preparations for the first Sodom-DVD Lords Of Depravity Part I (on the continuation of which the band is already working feverishly).
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