Existence is Futile 2LP (gold & black corona vinyl)

Item No.: NB304820

Label : Nuclear Blast

Release : 22-10-2021

The new Cradle of Filth album "Existence is Futile" on very exclusive "gold & black corona" vinyl, presented in a beautiful gatefold and incl. bonustracks.


Side A
1. The Fate Of The World On Our Shoulders
2. Existential Terror
3. Necromantic Fantasies
4. Crawling King Chaos
Side B
5. Here Comes A Candle... (Infernal Lullaby)
6. Black Smoke Curling From The Lips Of War
7. Discourse Between A Man And His Soul
8. The Dying Of The Embers
Side C
9. Ashen Mortality
10. How Many Tears To Nurture A Rose?
11. Suffer Our Dominion
12. Us, Dark, Invincible
Side D
13. Sisters Of The Mist
14. Unleash The Hellion
Available from: 22-10-2021
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Existence is Futile 2LP (gold & black corona vinyl)

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