Wormwood (black vinyl)

Item No.: CM57791

Label : Century Media
Release : 22-5-2020

Formed in 1990 and celebrating its 30th anniversary in 2020, Sweden’s MARDUK are not only one of the most long running and respected black metal acts out there, but also one of the most productive. Even fourteen albums into their storied career, the quartet have never ever delivered a weak album and never wavered from their path of utter blasphemy and misanthropic contempt. While going through possible additional material for the “Wormwood” album, the band discovered a fully mastered track called “Shadow Comes”, which was supposed to be a bonus track but remained unused. Now, it will be finally made available! Mastered for vinyl by Patrick W. Engel / Temple Of Disharmony.


A1 Nowhere, No-One, Nothing (03:19)
A2 Funeral Dawn (05:51) 
A3 This Fleshly Void (02:59) 
A4 Unclosing The Curse (02:17) 
A5 Into Utter Madness (04:41) 
A6 Phosphorous Redeemer (06:02) 

B1 To Redirect Perdition (06:38) 
B2 Whorecrown (05:27) 
B3 Chorus Of Cracking Necks (03:49)
B4 As A Garment (04:17) 
B5 Shadow Comes (03:02) 

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