Ghostlands - Wounds from a Bleeding Earth 2LP (green vinyl)

Item No.: BLOD143LP01
Label : Black Lodge
Release : 13-3-2020

Limited edition re-issue (500 copies worldwide) on double green vinyl and presented in a lush gatefold sleeve!

With the re-release of the critically acclaimed Ghostlands, WORMWOOD presents it in a newly refined artwork made by Mario Polzin. "Because we have changed the logo a while back we felt it would be dishonest to have the old one on this vinyl. So taken inspiration from the old art work and the new aesthetic of Nattarvet, this improved version of Ghostlands was made".

"Ghostlands moves with a ghostly smoothness that ebbs, flows, rises and falls with a mixture of beauty and malice that only impresses. Sweden continues to provide the backdrop to great metal. Long may it continue." - angrymetalguy.com


1. Gjallarhornet
2. The Universe is Dying
3. Under Hennes Vingslag
4. Godless Serenade
5. Oceans
6. Silverdimmas Återsken
7. Tidh ok Ödhe
8. Beneath Raves and Bones
9. The Windmill
10. What We Lost in the Mist
11. The Boneless One
12. To Worship
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Ghostlands - Wounds from a Bleeding Earth 2LP (green vinyl)

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