Back to the Front 2LP (picture vinyl)

Item No.: MA-0906-2016
Label : Black Sleeves
Release : 23-12-2016
To explain the importance and influence of Entombed is probably as superfluous as trying to explain why Slayer rule, Lemmy has god status and the death of Dio was the hardest loss in recent metal history. 
A legend is a legend. Period! 

From the morbid, pissed-off lyrics to the massive riffs and the very own, inimitable groove to L-G's murderous tube, "Back To The Front" delivers flawlessly and impresses visually with a strong cover painting of Necropolitus Cracoviensis Zbgniew Bielak II (Watain, Ghost, Vader), respectfully building a bridge to the old days.
A1 Kill To Live
A2 Bedlam Attack
A3 Pandemic Rage
B1 Second To None
B2 Bait And Bleed
B3 Waiting For Death
C1 Eternal Woe
C2 Digitus Medius
D1 Vulture And The Traitor
D2 The Underminer
D3 Soldier Of No Fortune
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