Down Below (picture vinyl)

Item No.: CM57757
Label : Century Media
Release : 26-1-2018

Highly limited (500 copies) picture vinyl in a beautiful gatefold cover, including LP format booklet.

Down Below, the fourth studio album from the Swedish band Tribulation, will get a lot out of the fans of dark metal, because the predecessor "The Children of The Night" (2015) between melodic Black / Death Metal by Dissection and post-punk / goth influences turned out to be an absolute sensation!

In addition, the large live shows also contributed to the formation of the formation, which originally began as Old School Death Metallers, as an absolute newcomer highlight. Just as bands like Tiamat or Samael gradually freed themselves from their extreme roots in the nineties, Tribulation also dared to perform a stylistic string dance with spooky melodies, sinister vocals and a melancholic spiritual atmosphere, which was very well received by a steadily growing audience. even attracted imitators.

Their new opus "Down Below" fits seamlessly with its predecessor and will not be out of your mind!

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Down Below (picture vinyl)

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