Rocka Rolla (red & black marbled vinyl)

Item No.: V180-3516
Label : V180
Release : 2018

Limited edition with alternitive artwork on 180gr. "red & black marbled" vinyl

Rocka Rolla is the debut album by the British heavy metal group Judas Priest, released in 1974. It was produced by Rodger Bain, who had made a name for himself as the producer of Black Sabbath's first three albums. This album was played entirely "live" (i.e. all musicians playing simultaneously as in a concert, vs. the more popular method of each musician's parts being recorded separately and then mixing them).


Side A 
1. One for the Road 
2. Rocka Rolla 
3. Winter
4. Deep Freeze 
5. Winter Retreat 
6. Cheater 

Side B
7. Never Satisfied 
8. Run of the Mill 
9. Dying to Meet You 
10. Caviar and Meths
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