An Hour Before It's Dark 2LP (orange vinyl)

Item No.: 0217171EMU

Label : Intact / Ear Music / Edel

Release : 4-3-2022

Whether it's the last hour you were allowed to play outside as a child before you had to go home, a reference to the fight against time in regard to the climate crisis or the last minutes of a person's life - "An Hour Before It's Dark" certainly doesn't lack interpretations. Be it "Seasons End" on the 1989 album of the same name or the much discussed track "Gaza" on the 2012 album "Sounds That Can't Be Made" - Marillion have never minced their words and don't do so on this album either. "An Hour Before It's Dark" is not only the title of the album, but also the overarching theme that creates a connection between all the songs on the album. Recorded in Peter Gabriel’s Real World Studios, Marillion remain musically true to themselves and continue swimming against the path of adjusting to norms and limitations of the prog genre!

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An Hour Before It's Dark 2LP (orange vinyl)
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