Closure / Continuation 3LP (vinyl boxset)

Item No.: 19439956921

Label : Music for Nations / Sony

Release : 24-6-2022

Exclusive boxset with triple transparent vinyl, housed in separate printed sleeves. This version contains two bonus tracks compared to the normal cd and vinyl release.

British rock band Porcupine Tree will return in 2022, after a hiatus of more than ten years, with a new studio album Closure/Continuation. The band has this to say about it:

"'Harridan' and some of the other new songs have been in the works since shortly after the release of The Incident. They initially lived on a hard drive in a slow-growing computer file labeled PT2012, later renamed PT2015, PT2018, etc. There were times when we even forgot they were there, and times when they nagged us to finish them and see where they would take us.Listening to the finished pieces, it was clear that this wasn't too compared to one of our works outside the band - the combined DNA of the people behind the music meant that these tracks formed something that was unmistakably, unmistakably, clearly a Porcupine Tree record.You can hear all that DNA running right through 'Harridan' ."

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