Helgië (green & yellow merge vinyl)

Item No.: MOVLP2183

Label : Music on Vinyl

Release : 2020

Limited edition of only 350 (individually numbered) copies on 180gr. Audiophile "yellow & green merge" vinyl

Take a look at the name of the Belgian band Fleddy Melculy and you know they got a good sense of humor. Combine this fact with their heavy metal music and you got a unique musical combination. Helgië is pure fun and musically it works well together with their annoyances from daily life experiences. While listening to the album you'll hear the influences from thrash, metalcore, punk, and rap. The Belgian sensation is constantly working their way to new audiences. It doesn't matter if they're partying ("Feestje in Uw Huisje") or just making fun ("T-shirt van Metallica"), the band is fully enjoying the show!

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Helgië (green & yellow merge vinyl)

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