Live at Dynamo Open Air 1998 (orange/brown marbled vinyl)

Item No.: FRET-0555021326

Label : Dynamo Concerts
Release : 8-9-2023

Step back in time and relive the ultimate thrash metal feeling with Kreator's legendary live performance: "Kreator Live at Dynamo Open Air 1998" on vinyl LP!

This masterpiece of aggression and energy captures German thrash metal icon Kreator at the height of their power, during a breathtaking show at Dynamo Open Air in 1998. Featuring classics such as "Flag of Hate", "Extreme Aggression" and "Pleasure to Kill " they bring a storm of unprecedented intensity to your record player.

Immerse yourself in the raw energy of the music, feel the excitement of the crowd and enjoy the thundering drums, ripping guitars and terrifying roar of Mille Petrozza. This LP is a true gem for collectors and thrash metal enthusiasts, with impressive artwork that perfectly captures the dark atmosphere of Kreator.

Get your copy of "Kreator Live at Dynamo Open Air 1998" on vinyl LP now and bring the magic of that historic performance into your own listening room. This is an opportunity to embrace and cherish the history of thrash metal. Be quick, because this collector's item will fly out the door!

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