Love over Fear 2LP (splatter vinyl)

Artikelnr: PEND30LP
Label : Toff Records
Release : 14-2-2020
Zeer gelimiteerde versie op grijs & blauw splatter vinyl in een prachtige gatefold hoes en twee (!) bonus tracks!

Love Over Fear werd opgenomen in The Thin Ice Studio en is geproduceerd door Nick Barrett en Karl Groom. Muzikaal kijkt het nieuwe album naar de periode midden jaren '90 van de band voor inspiratie.

Commentaar van Pendragon baas Nick Barrett: “The idea has been to rebel against the throwaway culture and instant gratification of the Spotifys of this world and create an actual thing with proper artwork that you can browse through by way of a hardback book nearly the size of a vinyl album sleeve and an album that contains 65 minutes of uplifting and melodic music,” Nick Barrett tells Prog. “Something you can get lost in… Damn it – something beautiful again! I’ve used the Paintbox, Breaking The Spell style of format in the arrangements and wanted to go back to meaningful guitar solos and use sounds similar to albums that I loved in the 70s, so there are tons of 12 string guitar sections, mellotron strings and very melodic keyboard parts,” explains Barrett. “But also something very new for Pendragon, a couple of what I feel are the best vocal performances I have ever done on two emotive piano/vocal songs called Starfish And The Moon and Whirlwind. There is also a rough and tumble traditional Irish type rock song called 360 Degrees which was inspired by moving to Cornwall, it’s very Celtic and has Zoe Devenish on fiddle. I can see it becoming our new Nostradamus!”


1.   Everything
2.   Starfish and the Moon
3.   Truth and Lies
4.   360 Degrees
5.   Soul and the Sea
6.   Eternal Light
7.   Water
8.   Whirlwind
9.   Who Really Are We?
10. Afraid of Everything

Bonus tracks 

11. Quae Tamen Omnia [Everything But Everything]
12. Who Really Are We? (Acoustic Version)  
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