Record cleaner Winyl Advanced cleaning gel 500 ml.

Item No.: WP10095

This product consists of a jar of 500 ml. gramophone record cleaning gel, and two dosing syringes, one with a capacity of 5 ml. and one with a capacity of 20 ml. With this gel, even the most polluted and neglected gramophone records are 100% spotless again !!

How do you use it?

Apply using one of the supplied dosing syringes.
Spread the gel over the gramophone record with a finger or (tip!) With a (not supplied) clean silicone brush.
Allow the gel (depending on the room temperature) to dry in a film for 4 - 6 hours.
Remove the gel that has now dried into a film like a sheet from the gramophone record.

The product comes with clear instructions in English, German, French and Spanish.


Approx. 5 ml per side for 7-inch plates. gel sufficient - 1 pot is enough for approx. 50 singles.
Approx. 10 ml per side for 10-inch plates. gel sufficient - 1 jar is enough for approx. 25 mini lps.
Approximately 15 ml per side for 12-inch plates. gel sufficient - 1 jar is enough for around 17 lps.


The gel contains two different synthetic polymers, ionic surfactants, antistatic agents, wetting agents, cleaning agents, preservatives, colorants and water.


- Keep out of reach of children!
- If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show the container or label!

This gel is not suitable for use on old 78 rpm / 10-inch (shellac) plates!

Read the supplied user manual before use.

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