Supplication (black vinyl)

Item No.: HIM014LP
Label : AnnapurnA
Release : 18-10-2019

AKHLYS is yet another sonic exploration from the ultra-prolific Naas Alcameth, most known for Nightbringer and Bestia Arcana as well as Aoratos most recently and Temple of Not. AKHLYS began as a means for Naas Alcameth to explore the darkest and most ritualistic corridors of the dark ambient genre, but later on moved in a more black metal direction with ambient textures incorporated. Supplication was the project's debut album, originally released in 2009 on CD-R in an extremely limited edition; a proper CD version arrived in 2015, but also quite limited.

Now, ANNAPURNA makes available a wider edition, remastered for both CD and, for the first time ever, vinyl, to meet the demands of Naas Alcameth's ever-growing fanbase. On Supplication, enter with him into literally negative space: fold time and the mind through submerged tones and beyond-the-shade whispers, all making for a haunting experience beyond compare, all at the threshold of reality.
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