Burzum / Aske 2LP (black vinyl)

Item No.: BOBV072LP
Label : Back on Black
Release : 2017
Re-issue of this essential black metal release on double black vinyl and presented in a lush gatefold with the original artwork.


Side A
1. Feeble Screams From Forests Unknown 
2. Ea, Lord of The Depths
3. Spell of Destruction
Side B
4. Channelling The Power of Souls Into a New God 
5. War
6. The Crying Orc 
Side C
7. My Journey to the Stars
8. Dungeons of Darkness
Side D
9. Stemmen Fra Gaarnet 
10. Dominus Sathanas 
11. A Lost Forgotten Sad Spirit
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Burzum / Aske 2LP (black vinyl)
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