Sunbather 2LP (baby pink & piss yellow vinyl)

Item No.: DW146

Label : Deathwish
Release : 2020

Highly sought after 2020 re-issue of the modern classic Sunbather of US black/shoegaze band Deafheaven. Double coloured vinyl presented in a deluxe slipcase!

Deafheaven's work can be located somewhere between black metal and post-rock. On their second album, the U.S. band around George Clarke and Kerry McCoy unleashes a sunstorm-like sound storm that is hard to resist. Right on the opening track Clarke's agonizing vocals combine agonizing vocals with McCoy's hypnotic guitar work, before everything sinks into eternal abysses with an otherworldly melody. Deafheaven explores new soundscapes and play their way into heavenly spheres.

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Sunbather 2LP (baby pink & piss yellow vinyl)
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