Nemesis Divina - Limited Edition (black vinyl)

Item No.: 2133620
Label : Napalm
Release : 20-5-2016

When Satyricon released their third album 'Nemesis Divina' in 1996, their status as one of the most important and creative bands in the Norwegian black metal scene was beyond doubt. But Nemesis Divina was no ordinary release or just another step up the stairs to fame. This records catapulted Black Metal practically single-handedly from its self-chosen, obscure place of origin into the bright spotlight of the international metal scene. It shows a band with absolute musical intuition and the tools to breathe life into their artistic vision

Filled to bursting with sonic destructiveness and detailed compositional genius, songs like 'Mother North' and 'The Dawn Of A New Age' proved what Black Metal can hold, while unwaveringly preserving the essence and aesthetic core of an entire genre

To celebrate the 20th anniversary, 'Nemesis Divina' will be re-released in May 2016 by Napalm Records in an updated and upgraded version and remastered by Satyr himself!
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