Tuonela (black & metallic gold merge vinyl)

Item No.: RR49881

Label : 20-8-2023
Release : Relapse

Released in 1999, Amorphis' album "Tuonela" is a masterpiece that takes the listener on a fascinating journey through melodic death metal and folk influences. On this album Amorphis explores new soundscapes and experiments with more subdued and atmospheric sounds. The name "Tuonela" refers to Finnish mythology and denotes the realm of the dead, reflecting the album's atmosphere.

On vinyl, the depth of this album really comes to life, with the analog warmth of the medium enhancing the rich layering of the music. Tracks like "Greed" and "Divinity" stand out for their compelling arrangements and powerful vocals. The music masterfully mixes melodic guitar lines, harmonies and subtle keyboard accents. The result is an immersive sound that will appeal to both metal fans and fans of more atmospheric music.

With "Tuonela" on vinyl, you can relive the profound experience of this album, with each track opening a new chapter in Amorphis' musical journey. The cover and artwork, as is often the case with vinyl releases, also add a tangible element to the listening experience. In short, "Tuonela" on vinyl pays homage to Amorphis' creativity and versatility and offers a timeless listening experience for music lovers.

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Tuonela (black & metallic gold merge vinyl)
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