Hidden History of the Human Race (black vinyl) + bonus cd

Item No.: 9475230
Label : Century Media
Release : 24-1-2020
Limited edition LP + CD in a beautiful gatefold cover and with an exclusive A2 poster!

With "Hidden History of the Human Race", Blood Incantation from Denver, Colorado, is releasing its second brutal album! The debut "Starspawn" was unanimously praised by fans and media. Rarely in recent years has a young band developed elements of old-school heroes such as Morbid Angel, Demilich or early Gorguts as exciting and moving as this ambitious and visionary quartet!

With the self-proclaimed goal of surpassing "Starspawn", "Hidden History of the Human Race" now impresses with hard, incredibly varied songs such as the opener "Slave Species of the Gods", but culminates in a progressive 18-minute monster that is one of the best Death Metal releases of the past 20 years! Completely analogously recorded and completed with sci-fi artwork from legend Bruce Pennington, "Hidden History of the Human Race" is an absolute must in your metal collection!

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Hidden History of the Human Race (black vinyl) + bonus cd
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