Butcher the Weak (mustard & black half 'n half vinyl)

Item No.: ULR00645LP

Label : Unique Leader
Release : 2017

Dive into the deepest depths of brutality with Devourment's masterpiece: "Butcher the Weak" on beautifully colored vinyl! Welcome to the world of sonic carnage, where Devourment reigns supreme. And now, as an exclusive treat for true metalheads, we present to you Devourment's most brutal masterpiece on beautifully colored vinyl. Complete your collection with this limited edition, because "Butcher the Weak" deserves a place of honor in every metal collection. Order your copy now and immerse yourself in the darkness, feel the indomitable power of "Butcher the Weak" and embrace the extremity of Devourment in a way you've never done before!

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