Not to be Undimensional Conscious (mint vinyl)

Item No.: MV0323-V

Label : Metalville

Release : 25-11-2022

When talking about progressive / death metal, then DISHARMONIC ORCHESTRA from Austria must not go unmentioned. With "Not to be Undimensionally Conscious", the band broke new, more avant-garde ground in 1992, without letting their death metal roots be forgotten. The individual songs of the album are characterised by a craziness rarely experienced in this form, but without neglecting the overall concept. With this masterpiece, Disharmonic Orchestra succeeded in combining avant-garde, progressive elements with death metal from the band's early phase. This milestone, which has long been out of print and is highly regarded in the scene, is now being re-released for the first time in a high-quality (mint green) vinyl on Metalville Records. 

1. Perishing Passion
2. A Mental Sequence
3. Addicted Seas With Missing Pleasures
4. The Return Of The Living Beat
5. Groove
6. Idiosyncrasy
7. Like Madness From Above
8. Time Frame
9. Mind Seduction

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Not to be Undimensional Conscious (mint vinyl)
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