Datalysium - US-import (violet with gold splatter vinyl)

Item No.: MB20239

Label : Metal Blade
Release : 29-9-2023

While far too many progressive and technical death metal bands are happy to walk the same path and stick to a tried-and-true sound, on their second full-length The Zenith Passage forge new and exhilarating territory. From start to finish, Datalysium is driven by imagination, and played by artists who have full command of their instruments, creating something that stands out of any pack while maintaining what made them such a riveting proposition in the first place. When asked to describe the record, the band do so vividly: "Imagine if Necrophagist and Meshuggah were married, and Cynic and Extol got married, then years later they went to a swingers party to spice up their relationships, which then became a regular thing. From this, they all had a kid together, no one knows who the biological father is, but that's cool because they're co-parenting. That kid then grows up, idolizing David Lynch, Ridley Scott and film noir. He then goes to film school for a couple of years, but drops out because he'd rather play synth music, but ends up broke and homeless. Then Datalysium would be that kid."

US-import version of 500 copies on "violet with gold splatter" vinyl, including a double sided insert

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Datalysium - US-import (violet with gold splatter vinyl)

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