In Cauda Venenum 2LP - Connoisseur Edition (black vinyl)

Item No.: AF0090V

Label : Atomic Fire
Release : 19-10-2023

English version

“How do you transfer a state of the art Pro-Tools recording, with a zillion different tracks, on to a piece of plastic and generate sonic greatness?” With lockdown, OPETH’s mastermind Mikael Akerfeldt finally found the time to unite ‘a team of musical nerds’, as he describes it, to ponder over the question, how they could produce a master of ‘In Cauda Venenum’ that sounds as surpreme as Akerfeldt’s favourite records from the past? After heated discussions and trying out many different methods that never seemed to fully please the Swedish master’s ear, they transferred the album to magnetic tape and then cut the vinyl lacquers from the tape itself, to create a warm, powerful and yet dynamic master that is now available in form of their In Cauda Venenum's “Connoisseur Edition”.

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In Cauda Venenum 2LP - Connoisseur Edition (black vinyl)
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