De Kerk van Melculy 2LP (smokey vinyl & red/black marbled vinyl)

Item No.: MOVLP3009

Label : Music on Vinyl
Release : 14-4-2023

De Kerk van Melculy is available as a limited edition of 350 individually numbered copies on smokey (LP 1) and red & black mixed (LP 2) vinyl. The album contains an insert with lyrics.

The story of Fleddy Melculy can safely be called one of the craziest stories in Belpop history. After all, there are not many bands that are picked up by all possible media with one (debut) song (“T-shirt from Metallica”) from day 1; who appeared on all major stages in Belgium and the Netherlands from scratch and have since scored one cult hit after another.

In February 2018, a second album followed, De Kerk van Melculy, which entered the national charts at #1. Songs such as "Varken", "668", "Moeidunidotcom", "The Gap That Wasn't Big Enough (with Urbanus!)" and "IK BEN KWAAD" all became StuBru checkout hits and by the summer of 2018, Fleddy Melculy was allowed to become the best-selling metal act in Belgium.

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