Live at Dynamo Open Air 1998 2LP (red marbled vinyl)

Item No.: FRET-0555021340

Label : Dynamo Concerts
Release : 5-9-2023

Enter the world of pure, unadulterated metal glory with the Pantera "Live at Dynamo Open Air 1998" vinyl LP!

This compelling record takes you on an epic journey back to one of the most memorable performances in metal history. With songs like “Walk,” “Fucking Hostile,” and “Mouth for War”, Pantera drove the crowd crazy and left an indelible impression on everyone who was there.

Feel the raw power of Dimebag Darrell's devastating guitar riffs, Rex Brown's thundering bass, Vinnie Paul's relentless drums, and Phil Anselmo's terrifying vocal outbursts as you relive this legendary show.

The "Live at Dynamo Open Air 1998" vinyl LP is not only a musical journey, but also a piece of metal history to cherish in your collection. Featuring the signature Pantera logo and dynamic artwork, this LP will show off in your vinyl collection. Now's your chance to capture this iconic moment and enjoy the raw, unfiltered energy of Pantera. Be quick, because this limited edition vinyl is an absolute must-have for every metalhead!

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