Target Earth 2LP (picture disc)

Item No.: AR062LPPIC
Label : Alone Records
Release : 8-11-2019

Available for the first time on picture disc. DeLuxe gatefold sleeve, limited edition of 500 copies!

Sci-Fi Progressive, Technical Thrash... any category has defined Voivod for more than 30 years now. One of the most innovative music acts of all time back in 2013 with 'Target Earth' after the demise of writer and mastermind Denis 'Piggy' D'Amour.

Between 'Katorz' (the last studio effort of D'Amour as a guitarist) and 'Target Earth', Voivod wrote another album (Infini, released 2009) as a gift from D'Amour, who left a decent amount of riffs and draft ideas so the band could work on the songs on his absence. This was the moment where guitarrist Daniel Mongrain (from the band Martyr) joined the band. A fair replacement (if at all possible) to fill the gap of Denis' masterwork. Mongrain impressed the whole metal scene with a high level of creativity, fully understanding the legacy of Voïvod and adding his own style to reinvent the band´s trademark right after the hardest moments in their career. The result was 'Target Earth', the album starting a new era for Voïvod that 'The Wake' (2018) has strengthened.


1. Target Earth
2. Kluskap O´Kon
3. Empathy For The Enemy
4. Mechanical Mind
5. Warchaic
6. Resistance
7. Kaleidos
8. Corps Etranger
9. Artefact
10. Defiance
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Target Earth 2LP (picture disc)
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