Into Darkness 2LP - Extended Edition (black vinyl)

Item No.: SV589440BL
Label : Svart Records
Release : 21-8-2020
The ultimate edition of Winter's game-changing debut album. This set features the original Into Darkness album and their legendary Eternal Frost demo on two separate LP's. There's also a heavy booklet with every possible piece of Winter memorabilia imaginable!

LP1 – Into Darkness:

1. Oppression Freedom
2. Servants of The Warsmen
3. Goden
4. Power and Might
5. Destiny
6. Eternal Frost
7. Into Darkness

LP2 – The Demo

1. Servants of the Warsmen
2. Eternal Frost
3. Winter
4. Blackwhole
5. Manifestation I
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Into Darkness 2LP - Extended Edition (black vinyl)

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