Shovel Headed Kill Machine 2LP (black vinyl)

Item No.: NB304007
Label : Nuclear Blast

Release : 1-10-2021

BEWARE!!! There is a shovel headed kill machine on the loose with Gary Holt sitting behind the wheel – and he is angry! This machine will stop for nothing and is absolutely relentless! Listen to serial killers such as "Raze", "Deathamphetamine", "I Am Abomination", "Going Going Gone" or "44 Magnum Opus" and you will know exactly what we mean. Current partners in crime are:

Paul Bostaph – ex-SLAYER, ex-FORBIDDEN, does he really need an introduction?; Rob Dukes – the new singer and, boy, does he kick ass…imagine a mixture of Baloff, Anselmo and Zetro, that is what Rob sounds like; and Lee Altus – ex-HEATHEN, well known from the Bay Area and one of the best riffers around.


A1 Raze
A2 Deathamphetamine
A3 Karma's Messenger
A4 Shudder to Think
B1 I Am Abomination
B2 Altered Boy
B3 Going Going Gone
C1 Now Thy Death Day Come
C2 44 Magnum Opus
C3 Shovel Headed Kill Machine
D1 Problems
D2 Purge the World

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Shovel Headed Kill Machine 2LP (black vinyl)
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