From Hell I Rise (black & dark red marbled vinyl)

Item No.: RP11757995

Label : Rising Phoenix Music
Release : 17-5-2024

With enough new material for two full albums, all written by Kerry King, his long-awaited solo project would probably have been released in 2020 had it not been for the COVID pandemic. For his debut album "From Hell I Rise", released on Reigning Phoenix Music, King, who plays lead guitar, has enlisted drummer Paul Bostaph (Slayer), bassist Kyle Sanders (Hellyeah), Phil Demmel (formerly Machine Head) on lead guitar and vocalist Mark Osegueda (Death Angel).

Working with producer Josh Wilbur (Korn, Lamb of God, Avenged Sevenfold and Bad Religion), the majority of King's solo album was recorded at Henson Studios in Los Angeles in about two weeks and completed last June.

Slayer is dead, long live the King!


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From Hell I Rise (black & dark red marbled vinyl)
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