Pleasure to Kill 2LP - Remastered (black vinyl)

Item No.: 6757457
Label : Noise
Release : 9-6-2017

Kreator fans, beware: The German thrash metal legends will re-release their first four studio albums in 2017, on CD and vinyl. One of them is "Pleasure To Kill", Kreator's second studio album."Pleasure To Kill" was originally released in November 1986 and was recorded live in the studio. Today it has absolute classic status. For the re-release of "Pleasure To Kill" all tracks were completely remastered and also extended with the "Flag Of Hate" EP as a bonus! Last but not least the reissue includes extensive liner notes by singer and guitarist Mille Petrozza.


Side A:
Choir of the Damned
Ripping Corpse
Death is Your Saviour
Pleasure to Kill
Riot of Violence

Side B:
The Pestilence
Command of the Blade
Under the Guillotine

Flag of Hate EP bonus tracks:

Side C:
Flag of Hate
Take their Lives

Side D:
Awakening of the Gods
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Pleasure to Kill 2LP - Remastered (black vinyl)

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