Songs from the North I, II & III 5LP boxset (black vinyl)

Artikelnr: 19075
Label : Century Media
Release : 2-8-2019
The group’s sixth full-length isn’t a compilation, an anthology, a live overview, or a boxed set. Songs from the North I, II & III is a legitimate triple album. With it, they join The Smashing Pumpkins, George Harrison, Tom Waits, among few others as artists willing to risk it all with a single release spanning three long-players. Whatever game Swallow the Sun are playing with their music and personal sanity, it’s paying off.
“It sure is pretty much full-on madness to do a triple album these days,” grins Raivio. “When bands want to release only one or two songs online because people would not have enough patience or time to listen full albums anymore. What bullshit. I think many bands are not respecting their fans at all to think that way. Or, they are just lazy bastards. I’m all about albums being whole experiences. Something you need to live through to be able really understand the depths and meaning of music and lyrics. Who would want to read a book just from the middle, or just watch the end of the movie? Music is holy, albums are holy. But it’s a triple album and all the albums make one big picture. One long journey through the light and dark. It is not a concept album that would have continuing story, but all the albums are connected to each other.”
Make no mistake, Songs from the North I, II & III features a complete Swallow the Sun experience. One album continues in the vein of Emerald Forest and the Blackbird and the albums before it. Meaning, it’ll be jaw-dropping, first-rate doom-death. Another album is an acoustic foray representing the group’s ability to unplug and enchant in the darkness. The final part of Songs from the North I, II & III is the most extreme, a complete ride into Swallow the Sun’s most horrific abyss. In the same vein as countrymen Thergothon, Unholy, and Skepticism, the third part is finely-crafted, conscience-crushing funeral doom.

LP 1
1. With You Came the Whole of the World's Tears
2. 10 Silver Bullets
3. Rooms and Shadows
4. Heartstrings Shattering
5. Silhouettes

LP 2
1. The Memory of Light
2. Lost & Catatonic
3. From Happiness to Dust
4. The Womb of Winter
LP 3
1. The Heart of a Cold White Land
2. Away
3. Pray for the Winds to Come
4. Songs from the North

LP 4
1. 66°50´N,28°40´E
2. Autumn Fire
3. Before the Summer Dies
4. The Gathering of Black Moths
LP 5
1. 7 Hours Late
2. Empires of Loneliness
3. Abandoned by the Light
4. The Clouds Prepare for Battle
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Songs from the North I, II & III 5LP boxset (black vinyl)

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